About us

Welcome to Wish House Art Gallery & Oddities, a unique and enchanting family-owned entertainment hub nestled in the heart of Burbank, California. At Wish House, we invite you to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, where the boundaries between art, curiosities, community, and coffee converge in a mesmerizing blend of creativity and connection.

Discover the Extraordinary

Step into the enchanting world of Wish House Art Gallery & Oddities.

Creativity and Connection

Wish House is more than a gallery; it's a gathering place for kindred spirits.

Lights, Camera, Creativity

Filmmakers and event planners, Wish House is your canvas.

Filming & Rentals

Looking for an inspiring backdrop for your next filming project or event? Wish House is delighted to open its doors to creators and visionaries. Our shop’s unique ambiance and captivating visuals make it the perfect setting for your creative endeavors.